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Publication in JSNM

In order to help the authors in preparing contribution for journal publication, the Organizing Committee suggests the guiding materials as follows:

  1. Quick guide for manuscript preparation in Latex (Quick estimate.txt)
  2. Two pdf-files as an example of  typical 5-pages and 2-pages  papers  
  3. Archive file with a source Sample.tex file, two eps- figures, the JSNM style file and the generated pdf-file

FPS’11 Organizing Committee



The FPS'11 Proceedings will be published in a special issue of the  "Journal of Superconductivity and Novel Magnetism" (Springer), tentatively, in the beginning of 2012. The manuscripts for journal piblication may be submitted at the FPS'11 registration desk, before the conference closing. The manuscripts should satisfy criteria for Journal publication and will be selected based on referee reviews.

Length limit:

  • Invited talks - 5 pages
  • other talks - 2 pages.

Submission package should include:

  1. Paper in 3 hardcopies;
  2. A single archive file, containing all text and figure files.
    The archive file and the text file should have name after the  corresponding author (using english letters only), e.g.: or name.familyname.rar, name.familyname.tex, etc.
  3. Corresponding author email and phone number.

Language: in English only.

File formats

  • Latex+eps figures.
  • Word files 

For more details on the  house style, see a citation from the Journal authors guide, or the Journal home page.

The templates are available for download:

or at the Journal home page.
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