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How to get to

Travel directions

1. By FPS'11 busses:

On October 3, the busses will wait the conference participants in front of the LPI (Leninskii prospekt, 53). Boarding time 10 to 11 am.

On October 7, the busses will pick the conference participants in front of the "Pansionat" and drive them back to LPI. Boarding time from 1 to 2pm.

Attention: We ask you to reserve the bus seats in advance, by e-mailing to V.Kovalenko (

2. By car from Moscow: There are several ways to get to the place, the simplest way is to drive by M-9 highway (Moscow-Riga). The map may be found at the Pansionat site. At the 47th km, take a left turn to the Moscow district 1st circular road (A107) towards Zvenigorod city. At the 11th km note a poster "Pansionat Zvenigirodskii RAS" and make a left turn.

3. By car from Sheremet'evo Airport: Take a taxi ouside the arrival area at the designated taxi boarding place. Go to the North by Leningradskoe shousse and make a left turn at the crossing with the Moscow district 1st circular road (A107), thus following to the West. After crossing the M-9 shousse, drive 11km further and look for the left turn to "Pansionat" as described above.

4. By public bus: The bus #452 departs from "Kuntsevskaya" metro station (the timetable may be found here). The pansionat gate is about 100m away of the bus stop called "Pansionat Zvenigirodskii". Travel time is about 1h20' (depending on traffic).

5. By train: Trains to Zvenigorod city depart from Belorusskii railway station (time table may be found here ). One can take the same train at "Fili" or "Kuntsevskaya" metro stations/train platforms. In Zvenigorod, take a taxi to "Pansionat Zvenigorodskii" (about 3km).

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