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Welcome to FPS?11

Welcome to the website of the 4th International Conference “Fundamental Problems of High-Temperature Superconductivity” (FPS’11).

This conference is the anniversary one and is dedicated to three outstanding events. First, in 2011, the worldwide scientific community celebrates the 100th anniversary of the discovery of superconductivity by H.Kamerlingh-Onnes and collaborators. Second, a quarter of century ago, J.G.Bednortz and K.A.Müller observed superconductivity at much higher temperatures in cuprate oxides, their discovery opening up a new era in the study of this outstanding phenomenon. And, third, in October of 2011, we also commemorate the 95th anniversary of Vitalii L. Ginzburg, the 2003 Nobel Prize winner, who has made an outstanding contribution to the theory of this phenomenon; he was one of the pioneers of high temperature superconductivity and inspired and organized comprehensive research in this area.

The meeting is held by the P.N. Lebedev Physical Institute (LPI) under the aegis of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The aim of the meeting is to promote the exchange of information and views among the international scientific community in high temperature superconductivity, from basic problems and novel materials to device applications.

According to the traditions of the previous meetings, the scope of FPS’11 will be represented by the following four sections:

  • Section M. Mechanisms of HTSC

  • Section P. Physical properties of HTSC-materials and structures

  • Section N. Novel superconductors and related materials

  • Section A. Applications

Through this website, we will keep you informed of all the news concerning FPS’11. We look forward to meeting you at FPS’11.

Organizing Committee

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